Find great deals and get LED lights for Car

  • Best LED Lighting Parts for LED Lighting at Shop huge inventory of Car LED Fog Lights, Car LED Lights Blue, Car Red LED Lights and more in LED Lights on eBay. Find great deals and get LED lights for Car free shipping. According to Audi, OLEDs are basically flat, as opposed to regular LEDs, which the automaker refers to as “point lighting.” Being thin and highly formable, OLEDs thus take up less space than bulkier LEDs. Furthermore, OLEDs don’t require much cooling, and nor do they need normal headlights’ flotilla of reflectors and light guides, again cutting down on the units’ physical bulk. More appealing to Audi, we’re sure, is OLED’s ability to be “subdivided into small segments that can be controlled at different brightness levels.” In Audi’s Matrix LED headlights, for example, finer control over the shadowing of other road users requires more LEDs. Think of them as pixels—if you want a precise shadow over the objects you don’t want to light with the high beams led interior car lights without wasting light (shadowing more than you need to), more LEDs in the headlight cluster allow that. The European-market A8, for example, uses 50 LEDs in its Matrix headlights. With OLEDs, a single unit can be subdivided into many segments, with each segment controllable so as to effectively act as an individual light source.