antique floor unique

  • 1, antique floor: buy has become the floor industry to develop new sales channels can not be ignored new forces. With the rapid rise of network buy and buy Build Wood Plastic Billboards the industry to flourish, food, entertainment, daily necessities and other industries have become the most common 80/90 consumer behavior.

    Although the floor, furniture and other building materials products are not suitable for online buy, but through the online call and line transactions combined, building materials group also has the trend of more groups more fire, and a variety of building materials products have a flexible way to buy the industry. wooden privacy fence designs stained glass The flooring industry is more common factory direct purchase, joint buy, buy three separate ways.

    With the power to buy now has begun to form a certain scale, and one of the more successful is the antique floor in the group buy advantage. Group buy consumer groups are young, antique floor unique style more in line with these consumer's personality requirements, and thus more likely to outdoor swimming pools composite floorattract the attention of those who buy. Customers have gradually become the floor to open up new sales channels can not be ignored new forces. At present, Guangdong Yuzhu international timber market elm antique floor 600 × 125 × 18mm offer for 236 yuan / m2.