creative floor

  • With the home building industry increasingly mature, competition is more intense, "the whole wood Decoration" seems to have become a large wood products business transformation and upgrading of meat and potatoes! But at this stage, do the whole wood decoration in China, the market belongs to the spire, the operators are concerned, to gain market advantage, there are a lot of work to do. But with the increase in business investment and the market becomes more mature, in 2014might be able to see the dawn of a whole wood home improvement market. remind Non-wood flooring is not recommended for renovation Non-wood floor renovation is generally not recommended,wood plastic composite payment because the inner layer of non-solid wood flooring is compression board or particleboard material, according to the method of solid wood flooring renovation, when the surface is polished, it is easy to grind wood scum hiding inside.

    However, when the average consumer shopping will focus on products and their degree of matching and cost-effective, so do all kinds of flooring companies in advertising and marketing the premise must be up and down real effort in the quality of products, so that consumers have become the brand's spokesperson. After all artificial things, there are many tricks you can play with, to see how to play. Though not food safety issues, but to be used as a tool to suicide, or can be done. Fourth, in fact, bamboo flooring has been out for several years, but awareness is not high in some areas only. And many people have a thinking, but is easy to vermin bamboo, bamboo easily deformed, easy to crack bamboo, bamboo feeling cold. In fact, these problems are not problems with the problem solved is not a problem, face the problem does not solve the problem is the problem.

    The rise of local brands in the flooring market Currently, under the floor of the complex situation of market competition, China's own brand is gradually rising. Some hard for many years in Chinese flooring market, well-known law of the market floor SMEs in R & D strength has sophisticated mature, floor quality comparable to foreign brands. And because local production of appropriate support cost control and local governments, their strength should not be overlooked in the aflooring market. In a pictures of laminate laying against the hallwayforeign brand as the main market, the rise of local brands in the development of our industry significance. Wooden flooring is very environmentally friendly and practical ground material, but the price is more expensive, and therefore, in the course of many consumers worried wooden floor maintenance problems.