The Detail Introduction of Concrete Pump

  • Today, UNIQUE will introduce the relationship between concrete pump with engineering quality in detail to the vast majority of concrete pump users.Small Concrete Mixing Plant We hope this can give a large number of concrete batching plant users a favor. There are some matters needing pay attention to in the process of pouring. The outrigger of concrete pump must be set a wood or steel bedding to maintain stability. The safe distance of concrete pump truck to foundation pit is 1cm deeper than the depth of foundation pit. The smallest safe distance between the end of the extended placing boom and high voltage cable should not be less than 8cm. It is forbidden to use placing boom to lift.

    In the operation of concrete pump truck, the ending outlet of hose must have a certain distance with the pouring area in order to prevent being covered in the concrete and the explosion causing by the instant increase of pressure.HZS50 Concrete Mixing Plant Was Installed in Uzbekistan The pump truck should not work in the high pressure for a long time. Operators should pay attention to whether the gate pressure is normal to avoid the blocking and the tube explosion when the concrete pump truck pauses for a while and starts again. When users dismantle the pipe joints, anti-pumping can prevent the pressure from damaging people. There must be a safety shield in the pipeline and nobody is allowed to stand before the pipeline to prevent damaging people.