The Function and Interior Structure of Hydraulic Locking System

  • The main components of the hydraulic system is the locking cylinder lock. Lock cylinder is equipped with a group of butterfly spring,Glass Crusher Machine Supplier in Malaysia and locking force is provided by the group of butterfly spring, and locking force provided by a single locking cylinder is limited,Mining Equipment and Mining Manufacturer and locking force required of some types of cone crusher can be provided by a locking cylinder.

    The main work of the locking system is to make buttress locked between serrated lock sleeve and threaded sleeve in order to keep adjustment sleeve not being rotated in crushing operation and to keep the discharging port unchanged.

    When we need to adjust the discharging port,Stone Crusher Plant for Sale in India locking cylinder is filled with hydraulic oil by hydraulic fluid, and the butterfly springs in locking cylinder is wholly compressed and unable to provide the locking force when hydraulic pressure reaches 150mpa, and at this right minute, the size of discharging port can be adjusted.