Jaw Crusher & Jaw Plate Parts Selection

  • Jaw crusher is composed of movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate which formed the working chamber. In the actual production process, there is a very large direct force between the materials and jaws plate, especially when crushing greater hardness material,Manufacturing Process of a Stone Crusher Plant it will cause bolts vibration, nuts loose, jaw plate wear, tear and produce much noise, what's more, jaw falls off or broken lead to the equipment stop running, which affecting the normal production.

    Typically, in order to protect jaw plate, jaw crusher is generally mounting wear liner which is also known as broken boards in the surface of fixed jaw plant and movable jaw plant. When the jaw crusher work, the wearing degree of the two parts of wear plate is different,UNIQUE Vibrating Screen for Sale in Philippines and the lower plate could wears out faster than the upper, the broken boards directly withstand the great crushing force and friction of materials, which is able to prolong the service life of jaw crusher.

    As we all know, jaw plate is the greatest consumed part in the production process, so the choice of jaw plate must be strict to the quality of metal material. It can be said that a single jaw crusher quality is actually used under the jaw plate life span.Choose the good jaw plate, using life of jaw crusher will comparatively longer.