Development of Compulsory Concrete Mixer

  • JS series compulsory concrete mixer has the characteristics of high mixing efficiency and good mixing performance. It can mix various concrete. China Cement Mixer Truck ManufacturerBecause of high production efficiency, all types of JS series compulsory concrete mixer can be used together with concrete batching machine as a simple concrete mixing plant and suitable for medium and large engineering. Compulsory concrete mixer is composed of single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer. Single shaft concrete mixer and twin shaft concrete mixer are different in mixing performance, abrasion resistance, discharging performance, load characteristic and transmission system except the name.

    Generally, compulsory concrete mixers have outrigger legs, so it is necessary to build a solid foundation before installing the compulsory concrete mixer.High Productivity Concrete Mixing Plant Few years ago, there are only JS500, JS750, JS1000 and JS1500 compulsory concrete mixer, but the large compulsory concrete mixers, such JS2000, JS3000, JS3500 and JS 4000, are widely used and occupy a certain market in recent years. Because these compulsory concrete mixers have higher production efficiency and better performance. Therefore, Daswell machinery has higher and higher requirements on producing the compulsory concrete mixer. Daswell welcomes every customer to order our compulsory concrete mixer.