Operation Procedures of Planetary Concrete Mixers

  • How to operate planetary concrete mixer safely: 1. Feeding materials into the mixing drum should be taken in the running of concrete mixer. Concrete Mixer Truck PriceBefore working, discharge the remaining concrete in the mixing drum. It is prohibited to stop to feeding halfway or start the machine when overloading. 2. The instrument and index signal must be reliable and accurate. Concrete mixer should be installed in flat position which needs to pad rubber and dry wood. 3. Make sure the normal and reliable work of transmission mechanism, working device and brake.

    4. The aggregate size must conform to the performance of Sicoma planetary concrete mixer, and if beyond the scope, it can not be used.Ready Mix Concrete Mixing Plant in Ethiopia 5. Before starting work, check the rotation direction of mixing drum and mixing blades and whether the operation of brake is normal when testing without load. 6. When feeding, it is prohibited to put your head or hands into the gap of hopper and rack and other tools to dig the materials in the mixing drum. 7. When the hopper is lifting, it is prohibited to work and go through under it.

    8. When operating MP planetary concrete mixer, if there is a failure, users should cut down the power supply, and then eliminate the concrete in the mixing drum. 9. After finishing work, users should fall down the hopper into the hopper pit, and then lock it by chain.