Going Green? Ways To Make E-Commerce Business Eco-Friendly

  • We are living in a society where consumers are dependent on their day to day needs and therefore they buy accordingly. There are millions of orders placed on an hourly basis and tonnes of packaging to keep the items in good shape whilst they are delivered to their destination address.


    From a small earring set to the gingersnap, each and every item ordered via E-commerce is delivered in some form of a package that helps in keeping the goods in a fine shape that defines the brand and provide the required information.


    However, we can’t deny the fact many plastic containers posses to our environment. Nothing is hidden from any individual but still, many companies are still relying on these containers. These plastic containers pose a threat to the environment which directly or indirectly affects individuals too.


    Due to the increasing number of orders, it becomes essential to have a packaging that can support environment. It is important for E-commerce business to contribute to protect the environment and revamp their business giving an eco-friendly transformation.


    The green packaging in E-commerce industry means using material and manufacturing methods that will have a minimum or no impact on energy consumption. The main aim to adopt green packaging is:


    •           Reduce the amount of packaging.
    •           Intensify the use of renewable resources.
    •           Avoiding toxic materials.
    •           Guarantee recycling by the packaging material.

    Eco-friendly doesn’t depend on minimising the amount of wrapping but it also includes the package design, product lifecycle and processing. We have compiled a list of materials that are used for biodegradable recycle package production. There are many alternatives that could be used by the companies.


     Cardboard and paper


    They both are the reusable products and can be recycled easily. Their biodegradable property makes them the topmost choice for the e-commerce packaging. The E-commerce industry also gives a lot of importance to such products making it their first choice.


    Bubble Wrap


    This is another most used wrapping technique used in the E-commerce industry. This trick is mainly used for fragile products as a safeguard. As an eco-friendly alternative, the companies used bubble wraps made up of recycled polyethene or degradable bubble wraps.


    Corn Starch


    Cornstarch is the favourite biodegradable packaging that an E-commerce company use. It has a minimal negative impact on the environment and actually eco-friendly material. This makes it an ideal choice for companies for the products with limited use such as parcelling food and items that are posted to the destination.


    Bagasse Paper


    This paper is made up of sugarcane fibre pulp that is left after the extraction of juice. Historically, bagasse waste was destroyed in the fields itself that leads to unnecessary pollution. Whereas making a paper out of it is an ecological step as the stuff produced is known as eco-material. Also, it is the best replacement of the traditional paper in the food services.


    Biodegradable Plastic


    These types of materials are highly used for the manufacturing of bulk mailing, envelopes, plastic bags, etc. The material used in the manufacture decomposes when exposed to sunlight making it the best alternative for traditional plastics.




    Mushrooms are not only amazing to eat but are also compostable materials producing packaging. You can easily grow them in a container and can get an effective result in short time. Well, you can now eat your own packaging without worrying about the material.


    You can select any one of the above technique to opt for green wrapping that meets your business requirement.


    Reason to Go Green


    Everyone is following eco-friendly packaging due to its positive impact on the environment. The benefits of such decision are still arguing as there is no clear vision of where it is going to lead.


    Although, according to analyses, there are 60-65 percent chances that customer will opt for your company that are using recycled packaging. In addition, customers also vote for the packaging to enhance the use of bio packaging material and support companies that try to bring a sustainable change in their production.


    Benefits of using recycled material


    •           You contribute to the protection of the environment by using sustainable packaging options for your products. Also, it will make you a great example for another e-commerce firm to follow. With a step towards eco-friendly activities, you will be one step ahead in making the environment green.
    •           Green packaging will also ensure the reduction of your shipping costs. Let us tell you a common fact, around 40 percent of empty space is available in an average package. A large package will have more space which will increase the carbon emission and fuel usage. By cutting off your compact packaging, you can save shipping expenses and invest it in making your product more attention-grabbing.
    •           It also helps in increasing brand awareness, offer press release opportunities, build a positive eco-friendly image with minimal environmental impact.
    •           It also helps in meeting your legal requirement goals that depend on your company’s location. There are many countries that have banned the use of plastic plates, cutlery, and glasses to protect the environment.

    We have come up with some tips that you can implement in your business to optimise your website and make it more attractive to eco-friendly customers.


    Packaging Reduction


    The ideal packaging is no packaging at all. It is hardly possible to avoid any packaging. But you can try to adapt the bio-degradable packaging that will enhance your company growth and reduce transportation cost as mentioned above.


    Bio-degradable Material


    Manufacturers usually avoid compostable material for packaging due to the costly and less-appealing looks. However, there are many green packaging materials that can suit their product and services. Plastic packaging and containers are also used in such situations due to their ability to recycle.


    Avoid Items That Can’t Be Recycled


    When we try to use more than two polymers together, then we decrease the chances of recycling the packaging. So, always stick to one type of a plastic material while packaging.


    Use Of Sustainable Items


    While planning your marketing strategy, you must consider using sustainable items like a pencil, mugs, t-shirts, etc. The customers will have two benefits with such products; they can use it for a longer period of time and also will increase your brand awareness.


    Be Reasonable


    You don’t have to decrease the quality of your product to make it look eco-friendly. There is a number of ways you can follow but never compromise on product quality. In the end, it is your product that is going to attract your customers.


    The package marketing relies on the products that are eco-friendly and recyclable. Many gigantic companies are following this trend and trying to create a perfect balance in the environment. They are even spreading awareness and are working towards the global sustainability. With the advancement of technology, small businesses are also contributing to the welfare of the environment. Become one of them!