Indian Art that Matters - complete article

  • We often think that Indian art and Indian painters can only beautify the world. It is all about the stroke of colors and imagination compiled in a beautiful manner. But this is not true, art has more significance in our lives.  Art can bring a change in people’s life. It can be used for education, providing valuable information in the most colorful and exciting manner as possible. If put in the words of an American Painter Robert Rauschenberg “Art can change the world”. In this light, here are some of the way Indian Art is changing the face of the society.

    • You will be astound knowing that in Orissa, palm leaves are used to portray a wide variety of epics and folklore. Here the artists used their skills to create awareness amongst the masses to bring light on different social problems such as HIV, Mumbai blasts, climate change and a wide variety of social problems.
    • The second example in the list is where you can see that How the Magic of a bunch of artists prevented Deforestation in the Madhubani district of Bihar. In 2012, a group of artists came with their artistic abilities to use their colorful brushes painting the bark and trunks of the trees. They did this with the intent to restrain people from chopping off the trees. And the good news is that because of their efforts no tree was chopped. Apart from saving the lives of the trees, the artists created an example for others marking this area in the Madhubani district as highway number 52, which is now celebrated as a well-known tourist destination.
    • Kerala murals is a very old art form taking you back in time almost around 3,500 years back. In this art form, natural pigments along with vegetable colors were used to depict the mythology and legends so that the future generations can have a look at the wonderful artwork of the previous generation and admire the fact that even in that era our forefathers were sensitive towards nature.
    • Another example of art that matters is the campaign “the city of waste” launched at Delhi Metro station. This is a clear example of the simple use of art to educate the Delhites and even the outsiders to take a consideration of the serious issue that the city is going through. This might make an impact on the locals of the city making them more responsive in their actions when it comes to using plastic and follows practices that will keep the city clean.  

    Thoughts to Ponder Over

    In the end, a picture speaks louder than words. This holds true for art pieces as well. Art is one of the most fun or simplest ways to express the hardest issues that the society, world or economy might be going through. It is easy to digest social problems when presented in an interesting and entertaining fashion which is the tough work that artists do. Artist do understands this and use their creative abilities to bring the grim realities of the world in the most colorful fashion leading to a collection of a wide range of fascinating and informative Indian Art.