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  • Thursday night is a defining moment for the University of Memphis. It's a celebration for the city, the university and all of us and it's the work of Coach Fuente. It's amazing cheapest fifa 16 coins what he's done. From my standpoint we will benefit immensely because we're going to be everywhere Thursday night."

    It's unclear when the next round of realignment might take place or what might spark it, but most of the national speculation has centered on the Big 12, whose 10-team format has come under scrutiny both internally and externally since last season when it got shut out of the College Football Playoff.

    Should the Big 12 expand at some point, Memphis could argue it fits the league geographically, sits on prized recruiting turf and would allow the league to plant a flag in the heart of SEC country. It's almost certainly not a coincidence that on the same late June day Oklahoma president David Boren expressed his preference for the Big 12 to add two teams, second-year Memphis president David Rudd Tweeted a digital drawing of the $40 million athletic facilities project (including an indoor practice field) that will be completed during the next two years.

    Though Memphis has had periods of moderate success and interesting one-off achievements the Tigers upset Peyton Manning's Tennessee team in 1996 and Eli Manning's Ole Miss team in 2003 nothing has ever sustained. Fred Pancoast won games in the early 1970s and left for Vanderbilt.

     Rex Dockery died in a plane crash after he turned around the program in 1983. Tommy West once took Memphis to three consecutive bowl games but got fired a few years later, delivering an all-time rant about lack of investment in the program on his last day of work.

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