Labour has accused Nicola Sturgeon of buy fifa coins playing ga

  • Labour has accused Nicola Sturgeon of buy fifa coins playing games with the trade union movement after the Scottish first minister appealed for a joint front to attack Conservative reforms of trade union law.

    Sturgeon wrote to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, on Wednesday to ask him to back a Scottish National party effort to devolve trade union and employment law from Westminster to Holyrood.

    She said Scotland had a golden opportunity to defend union rights on strike action that are being eroded by the UK government’s trade union reform bill if the Scottish parliament were empowered to have different legislation to the rest of the UK.

    Calling on Labour to change its opposition to devolving trade union law, she said the Tory reforms could be reversed in Scotland by using the different legislation now going through the Commons, the Scotland bill, to devolve extra tax and policy powers to Holyrood.

    Sturgeon told journalists on Wednesday: “I don’t think it’s enough that we are left having to protest in vain over things like that: I think it’s vital that we have the power here in Scotland to take a different course.”

    The first minister told Corbyn the vast majority of MSPs in Holyrood would never agree to such “draconian” legislation if they had the chance to vote on it, and said her proposals had the full support of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (TUC).

    A Labour source said the party could not back this measure because it wanted to defend trade union rights across the UK, and claimed Sturgeon was deceiving people that a fresh amendment to the Scotland bill was likely to be accepted in the Commons.