this was made by the same developer of fifa coins age of war

  • If you didn't already know, this was made by the same developer of fifa coins age of war. And it's clear to see that. The premise of the game is quite similar, but instead of the normal human opponents to conquer, you have to fight the dreaded alien life form. This game solidified for me that this game developer had the vision to see that something as simple as the art of war could be done in such an awesome way. I mean the evolution is again different from age of war and what about the art? Well, it wasn't as strikingly awesome as age of war.

    But definite what takes it above is that when you evolve everything is scrapped and you have to start from ground zero and that takes it up a whole notch as the aliens have the ability to continue production and evolve, and thus, you're always on the back foot and you have to wait. Especially if your monetary levels are low or that there's a constant barrage of alien enemy waiting to kill you off.

    Rated F for funny. This was one of the most hilarious stickman series I've ever played or will ever play. I first saw it when I was introduced to via stick war but, I thought it wouldn't be that good. I still tried to play it anyway.

    I found out later of course that the first was very short and the second was much better tying in the story and creating a lot of hilarity to a simple plot line of stories. And the third, the third was so much better and even I was applauding at the epic ending because it was so epic and it was so great leaving you wanting more. I always thought that would be the end. But boy was I wrong and I was happy I was wrong because, it all tied up at the finale when Henry was given the chance to win his freedom back