I'm pretty sure this is a universal fifa coins feeling many of

  • I'm pretty sure this is a universal fifa coins feeling many of us feel and quite frankly I'm sick of it. I hate that every single video game movie we have gotten in the past has been a complete disappointment. The latest movie to prove this is Hitman Agent 47 which was met with really bad reviews and another movie to add to the video game to movie misses.

    Its really frustrating to me getting hyped over a franchise coming to the big screen and just seeing as my dreams get crushed on the screen. I started thinking why are video game adapted movies so bad and how has anyone not gotten it right? I believe i came down to three possible conclusions for this which i will break down for you below!

    It goes without saying that most of the time when a studio gets the rights for a video game they're going after the popularity it has rather than the story. This truly does affect a game when most of us love them because of the intricate story and not just its flashy graphics. The graphics is what the studio focuses on first and this leaves the story to fall and be the last priority when it should have been the first.

    I mean I know were going to want to see something that will trigger that nostalgic sense of the game we love www.hellofifa.com but we also need some of that story and characters we love. It also doesn't work when you might keep the outline of the main story and change how things look in an effort to make it more edgier and grounded.