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  • Right now. Ideally, you should file your trademark registration before the game is released. That way, your game has cheap fifa coins maximum protection against clones and other issues that may arise. In fact, you can trademark your game title up to three years before your game is even released. That means you can secure a game name as early in the development process as you want

     locking the name up for years until you finally release your game. This is incredibly useful for avoiding the situation where you plan to use a game name for over a year, build your game around it, buy a website, and pour money into marketing and consumer awareness, only to have someone else beat you to the market with a game of the same name. If you didn’t register your trademark well ahead of time, you would be out of luck.
    When you hire an attorney to register your video game title as a trademark, the attorney will do a comprehensive search for any future problems that the chosen name may encounter. This search is essential for two reasons. First, it can save you from an expensive lawsuit after the game’s release when another company has issues with your game title.

    Second, it will prevent you from having to change your game title after release. A registered trademark establishes your right to the game title and can prevent other companies from forcing you to change it. Changing your game title after release will result in loss of customers, complications with search engine optimization, negative reviews, marketing issues, etc.