a moniker he fifa ultimate team coins promptly rejects

  • Slutsky himself, unlike the overwhelming majority of Russian coaches, has virtually no experience of playing professional football a fact that led the local press to dub him as “the Russian Mourinho”, a moniker he fifa ultimate team coins promptly rejects. His bourgeoning career ended when he was 19, after he was injured falling out of a tree while trying to rescue a neighbour’s cat.

    “The woman next door came round and asked me to help retrieve her cat from a tree,” the Volgograd native explained. “I climbed up the tree but then I fell. The result was an open compound fracture of my left kneecap. It’s the sort of injury that not only rules you out of football, but also affects every part of your life.

    In all I spent a year in hospital and, while I was able to work on my leg and later tried to get back into football, it didn’t happen. But now, as a coach, when I look back at what happened, it was no great loss to Russian football to be deprived of Slutsky the player.”

    Although Slutsky has done most of his coaching in Moscow, he has strong links with other parts of Russia. www.utfifa.co He was born in Volgograd, and spent a year coaching in Samara two cities that will be hosting matches at Russia 2018, and, according to the CSKA boss, are very excited about the prospect.

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