Fury Road whilst on fifa 16 comfort trade holiday this year

  • I’d watched Mad Max: Fury Road whilst on fifa 16 comfort trade holiday this year, and it captivated me with its post-apocalyptic setting and extravagant characters. I hadn’t seen the Mel Gibson movies though so watching Fury Road was a brand new experience of Mad Max for me and I loved it. The Wasteland was plain and filled with nothingness with the exception of burnt-out vehicles, man-made strongholds and miles and miles of….well…nothing.

    It translates brilliantly in Avalanche Studio’s newest video game simply titled, Mad Max. The vastness of the wasteland is a perfect setting for a video game adaptation, even if it has been done before in other games.

    The narrative, however, wasn’t quite so impressive. Of the cast, the bad-to-the-bone Max himself is a stoic dressed down hero after one thing, his car. He pals up with his compadre-to-be, Chumbucket, who is a lot more interesting with his revelations and philosophies and over-the-top enthusiasm for making Max the toughest and fastest Magnum Opus possible.

    Then there is the story. It revolves around Max’s thirst for revenge after his car is stolen from him from the game’s main antagonist, Scabrous Scrotus, but to get into Gastown he needs a super-car of sorts. Something of an enigma to forcefully gain access to Scrotus’s lair. The plot picks up later on but for the most part, you’re scouring the wastelands looking for scrap to upgrade your new Magnum Opus.

    Mad Max is a fully open-world adventure mixing exploration, vehicular combat and fisticuffs, www.utfifa.co although most of your time in the wastelands will be spent in your car.