that describes her walking from point cheapest fifa coins A to

  • For example, you might read about the game’s protagonist moving from one room to another, and as you scroll through the text that describes her walking from point cheapest fifa coins  A to Point B, you might hear her footsteps on gravel, just as the text describes her movements along a gravelly path.

    Or you might literally hear voices begin to grow louder as you “approach a crowded room” (while also literally reading the text that describes approaching that crowded room). There is a moment in the game in which one reads that the protagonist ascends in an elevator. The text describing that ascent quite literally breaks off from the rest of the text and rises as you read it before stopping to connect itself with the text that describes her getting off the elevator on another floor.   

    While clearly the rumors of the death of the point-and-click adventure game were greatly exaggerated, games developed on Twine and commercial releases like 80 Days and Device 6 make me wonder if, perhaps, the rumored extinction of the text-based adventure also needs reconsideration.

    If video games differ from mediums that seem more often dominated by textuality, like the novel, nevertheless, it still seems like there may be game developers and an audience of gamers interested in what textuality and more particularly game worlds defined through textual geography might offer as possibilities for the medium of video games. Certainly,  graphics are an obvious and straightforward way of representing space to the modern gamer, but 80 Days and Device 6 both seem unwilling to abandon language as yet another interesting means of exploring a virtual world.