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  • The Yooka-Laylee campaign was exceptionally well-managed from the beginning. All the right names were established fifa 16 coins at the pitch, a prototype was shown of the characters happily bouncing around their environment, and the game was announced for a bevy of systems (including the ailing Wii U, which is probably popular with many Banjo-Kazooie’s fans).

     Beyond all that, however, the key to its success was simply how shameless Yooka-Laylee was in its influences. This is not meant to cast aspersions, as clearly people were willing to buy what they were selling, but Playtonic chose to be overt about the title’s lineage rather than coy like many other spiritual successors, to the point of even calling the game a “Rare-vival” on the campaign headline.

    The grandfather of videogame Kickstarters, Doublefine Adventure (now Broken Age) was equal parts courageous, desperate and brazen. Beginning as a side note to better facilitate a documentary project, Broken Age came out of nowhere and planted a flag for videogames in the gold rush of crowd funding

     offering backers the opportunity to fund a game without publisher interference (a problem well-known to fans of Double Fine). Studio head Tim Schafer set expectations low, but backing the project became about the principle of a new world for many gamers and the goal was quickly outpaced. The Kickstarter finished at $3.3 million and is notable for having the most backers of any game on this list.