one of the oldest and most favorite

  • This month, our task is to focus on Cheap RS gold, one of the oldest and most favorite - Tutorial Island. I believe many people like me, start your life on the island, resulting in mice and help them burn bread.

    A few years ago, the island mysteriously disappeared Wizards "column" and from, and in "Some pomegranate" keen to discover why. In the trend of the curse, you'll look for survivors and vannaka trek to work, to the bottom, the investigation of the fate of Mizushima. Wait a dark story. Looking full of nostalgia and classic humor tears trip.

    As a special Christmas, this task will be open to free players and members! Requirements are very low, and there is a bunch to complete the Atlantis experience like in 30 skills required.

    Rewards certainly not a novice, though. You will get a new monthly tasks so that fisheries and agriculture,RuneScape gold as well as some tasty loot XP and a very cool new tool as vannaka heavy write!