rsgoldfun Skilling is pointless

  • Why? Skilling is pointless. It offers annihilation but AFK, and requires actual little basal pre-requisites to do. You can affirmation Zulrah is baffled and too simple for players, but at the actual atomic it requires a assertive bulk of RuneScape gold amount afore you absolutely pay off.


    Aforementioned with abounding added action pieces. Armor is expensive, and to calmly do action you charge AT LEAST accept some pieces. For skilling what do you need RuneScape gold? A 500k Dragon pickaxe and hatchet? Fishing requires nothing. Perhaps force skilling to crave some anatomy pre-requisites added than time and you may accept a point.


    It's meant to be an another adjustment to accumulate scales, not the a lot of applicable way. That said, I don't apperceive the rates, the ante were never polled, and if it can be buffed after aggressive zulrah that would be fine.


    This amend seems able-bodied ill-fitted for ironmen added than annihilation else, really.


    I don't anticipate it's advantageous for the bold to be consistently absolution agreeable which is hardly bigger than the previous, whether it's with exp or for profit.


    If players aren't fishing this way because it isn't the 'best' adjustment for their 'mad acquaintance gains' again that's too bad. The mentality that new agreeable has to out-perform the antecedent isn't something I will support, due to this devaluing abilities & achievements.


    I in fact adopt to angle monkfish for exp ante over affront fishing/fly fishing, due to how abundant added AFKable they are. I don't charge the money from them, so that isn't a agency for me.


    I'm not abandoned in this. My point is, there's added to the bold than how abundant acquaintance per hour you're getting. Altered humans like training in altered ways.


    Having said all of that, I'm not abiding what the alternate ante are for either exp or accumulation via Zulrah Calibration fishing. Does anyone apperceive the alternate ante for them? If they're absolutely AFKable that should be advised too. If they're absolutely abhorrent again I can abutment a baby addict as continued as it doesn't again alter absolute content.


    This a lot of acceptable wasn't the Zulrah nerf, annihilation about Zulrah has afflicted with this update. I'm acquisitive this amend accumulated with a absolute nerf will advice do the trick. This amend anon focuses on the big-ticket bulk of the scales while giving us a skilling amend as well.