The fantastic multi-award winning MMORPG

  • Jagex implements a new live broadcast feature on twitch in 07 Runescape Account on the occasion of the release of a new terrifying battle
    Jagex Games Studio, the creator of RuneScape, the fantastic multi-award winning MMORPG, announced the integration of Twitch, the main community platform world of video players within the game. This new feature allows players to RuneScape Live broadcast their gaming session on Twitch in needing only a Twitch account. Integrating this functionality diffusion and discussion on Twitch coincides with the launch of a new fighting game boss in, featuring an arachnid of the most terrifying.

    To celebrate the launch of this feature and the new boss, the team of RuneScape will host a live broadcast of four hours Monday night from 18h BST (10am PDT, 1h EDT) on Twitch chain RuneScape. During this broadcast, you can dive into the depths of the new boss's lair, where the monstrous spider named Araxxor patiently waiting to pounce on the adventurers who dare to disturb her. The new boss fight was selected by the community via a survey RuneScape System Power to joueurs1.

    "The live broadcasts are popular in the world of video games, and Twitch has become THE channel when watching other people play RuneScape," said Neil McClarty, marketing director for RuneScape. "RuneScape is already part of the games whose broadcasts are the most viewed on Twitch. We hope that the integration of functionality Twitch game will allow us to take the next step in terms of live broadcasts, by destroying the barriers that could stand up to the players who wanted to spread their sessions but did not know how s' take. The launch of this feature coincides with the arrival of the most formidable bosses to date, and I really look forward to seeing our players try to defeat it! "

    "RuneScape is one of the most published on Twitch games," confides Brooke Van Dusen, director of business development at Twitch. "We want to support the communities of enthusiastic players, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to provide an integrated Broadcast feature their favorite games. With this integration, we can see an even brighter future for RuneScape gold on Twitch. "

    Jagex has decided to fully support the live broadcasts of the system, providing in particular make possible in Transformers Universe, the beta test open access has just been launched and already has its own Twitch2 chain.