Get Your Divine Simulacrum Outfits In Treasure Hunter

  • In RuneScape is releasing their first line, and now the treasure hunter. rsgoldfun RuneScape gold To get your sacred treasure hunter Mirage clothes, then you win the double memories and describes some convenient opportunity plus delivery point. Do not hesitate, because of time constraints. You can only 00:00 UTC on November 12, these garments to 23:59 UTC on 16 November.

    Then the combination of these three elderly fake equipment, to further improve the effectiveness of the multiplication, plus the opportunity to five times more energy and Teleport. There are three basic sacred imitation of equipment variants, each with a different color scheme. The equipment may be at different times in the future days. Please note that all the days ran 00:00 UTC 23:59 UTC, in accordance with the game clock. Are wearing one Wujiantao, grants you the following benefits: 5% chance of getting the two memories, instead of one. Please note that this does not mean double the XP Cheap RuneScape gold and energy. 5% chance to gain double the chronicles collected. Unlimited teleports to the Holy Land in May Stormbrewer or Guthix. Sacred imitation clothing items directly with other players, and when you finish your set will help the exchange. The combination of these three pieces of clothing, the old fake clothes. What is it worth it, as the lower the number of elderly imitation member of any formal set piece set bonus, so the need to defer to create them. A full offer you the following benefits: 7% chance of getting the two memories, instead of one; 7% chance to get double time collection chronicles; get five times the energy gain a 5% chance; unlimited Teleport to May Stormbrewer or Guthis'x shrine; third day Teleport to your chosen WISP colony, as long as you reach level requirements. If you have any items divner equipment, full of imitation clothes to benefit you the same divination XP is your own work. For example, if you have two diviner of equipment, you will get 2% of divination XP bonus, and if you have all five, you will get 6 percent of a full set of bonuses. A good chance that when you wear S imitation XP equipped double your earnings. Run into the treasure hunter, let your five sets.