Snap Up 15 M RS Gold AZ Runelabs Glouphries Hood Game Item

  • Glouphrie's Hood is a new RS Gold player suggested game item. The need head-slot item should be added to the game that slightly mimics the Wicked Hood. It should be used daily and widely in the quests and skill training. So what is Glouphire's Hood?

    Glouphrie was once a gnome of the Tree Gnome Stronghold and is featured heavily in the "Glouphrie" and " Gnome" quest series. He is well versed in magic and illusions, and has been known to win battles by summoning large armies of illusory war to tortoises and terrorbirds.

    We imagine the hood could be obtained in a few different fashions. One is via a rare drop from Warped Terrorbirds and Warped Tortoises. Another is to add it as a post quest reward to any of the "Glouphrie" quests. It could also simply be given out in a similar fashion to the Wicked Hood, with increased capabilities as the player makes more progress in the Gnome quest series.

    The following, which resets daily, can be done when you activate the hood. Similar to the Wicked Hood, an interface is brought up displaying all the options.

    Daily Charms/Ingredients: Collect their 40 Gold Charms, 30 Green Charms, 20 Crimson Charms, or 10 Blue Charms for free. Once collected, you will also receive a corresponding number of Pouches and 3,000 Spirit Shards.

    Pouches/Scrolls: Instantly summon a familiar from a select list and receive 20 corresponding scrolls. Likely will only include the most popular familiars to save space. Certain familiars, such as Nihils, will be locked begind necessary quests before they can be summoned.

    Teleport to Summoning Obelisk: Allows a teleport to an obelisk that can create pouches. There include Taverley, Gu Tanoth, Nature Grotto, Brimhaven coast, desert souch of Pollnivneach, end of the Underground Pass, near Piscatoris Fishing Colony, and Prifddinas. You must use the hood on each obelisk to have it activated as a telepot location, with each obelisk you use it on giving a small chunk of Summoning experience.

    Timer Extension: Allows you to extend the timer of your currently active familiar by 10 minutes. Can only be used once per familiar, but twice over the course of a day.

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