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by Dylan Holland in Wall Photos on February 12
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Description Otter Financial is a cohesive P2P platform
for borrowers and lenders, extending unsecured loans to aspiring Irish SMEs. Working
on an objective to eradicate the exploitative intermediaries from the scene, we
intend to create an open platform where borrowers can directly approach lenders,
who are none other than the common people. In this regard, our purpose is to encourage
local start-ups and SMEs, who deserve a strong financial backing.

To lenders, we are just another viable
alternative for portfolio diversification, allowing them full control over
their inactive funds and receiving gratifying returns. To borrowers, on the
contrary, we are an unwavering P2P community, extending P2P loans at the lowest
possible interest rates. We are also a platform, where start-ups get an
opportunity to promote their services before a huge group of lenders, who are
potential customers for future. Prompt access to business loans is what we
believe in, be it for growth purpose or any other enterprise related reason.
This is exactly how we set our benchmark high at Otter Financial.

Borrowing here involves a simple 3-step procedure-
registering, applying for a loan and finally the initiation of the bidding process. Take a look at our preview
panel to check out all the successful loans and the business profiles of those
who have benefitted.